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IAMPE Zoom Course FAQ

We are pleased to have added Zoom courses to our course offerings, in addition to our in person course offerings.

When are the Zoom courses held?

Please see our course schedule for the most up to date listing of courses. Exact timing of courses varies from course to course.

How does it work?

Zoom courses are held in four, half-day segments.  Each day is broken into three, 60- to 90-minute sections, with breaks in between.  Courses will be interactive, with students participating to integrate material covered during the instructor presentation. 

How do I register?

Drop us an email at

How much does it cost?

Each course is $1,100, discounts may apply.  Contact us at for more information


Is it the same certification?

Yes, it is the same certification as the in-person IMPM class.  We have been working hard to translate our course material and presentation style to optimize it for digital delivery

What about course materials?

All course materials will be sent to you before the course begins, and your certificate will be sent to you after you complete the course.

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