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A Port Worker


The FSO course is taught by Laurie Thomas, a highly-regarded and experienced instructor of the material. She works closely with marine terminals, ports, and the USCG across the country to keep up to date on the latest trends in security, USCG compliance, and evolving regulatory requirements. The program is useful not only to professionals who need the FSO certificate, but also to established professionals who benefit from material that has likely evolved substantially since they completed their own FSO program. Included are updates in the world of cybersecurity which evolves extremely rapidly, and the program confers an understanding not only of how to create a "hard target" for would-be cyber criminals but also how to take advantage of programs that exist to assist marine terminals with their cybersecurity needs. Past course participants have particularly praised the course’s interactive structure and the numerous deliverables that assist participants in constructing drills and exercises, performing security inspections, and conducting screening activities.


The IAMPE is pleased to announce its collaboration with Findlay University's All Hazards Training Center (AHTC) to deliver a Facility Security Officer (FSO) course. Completion of the course confers the FSO certificate, in accordance with regulatory requirements for FSO qualifications, knowledge, and responsibilities. The course is an excellent fit for new security professionals who need their USCG FSO certificate as well as experienced security officers and maritime professionals who will benefit from an overview of the latest information and resources on protecting their ports. 



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