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June 28, 2016

From the Desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe

Deadline for VGM Days Away

Just a quick reminder, the International Verified Gross Mass regulations come into effect in a few days. A supplemental Frequently Asked Questions guide is available along with additional information on VGM requirements. For copies of these documents contact me

Class of 2016 Accredited Marine Port Executives (AMPE)

The IAMPE will begin accepting applications for the AMPE Professional Certification this week. The certification process begins on July 1. If you are interested in upgrading your current certification, please contact me at


The IAMPE is pleased to announce the addition of JoAnne Zawitoski, of Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, Legal Counsel to the Port of Baltimore and the North Atlantic Ports Association; Donna Wysong, MPE, Vice President of Legal Affairs, Port Tampa Bay; and Dr. Donald D. Maier, PhD., Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor, Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics, Maine Maritime Academy to our Board. We also wish our very best to George Malec who has retired as Vice President of Business Development, Port of Halifax. We are pleased that George will continue to serve the Association on the Board. Officers for 2016 include Capt. F. Bradley Wellock, Manager Regulatory Affairs, Massachusetts Port Authority, Chair and John Henshaw, Executive Director, Maine Port Authority, Vice Chairman. All of the Board members are listed at


MPM-MPE, Portland, Maine:

September 26 to September 30

Continuing Education Seminar: Portland, ME Oct 11-Oct 13

Applications are available from John Gleason, IAMPE Registrar at or by calling 207-200-2420.

Marine Port Management (2 Days-16 hours) $1,000 USD

Day 1: Systematic transportation approaches including logistics pathways, origin and destination routes and transportation modes, management perspectives including public port governance, terminal management, port/terminal administration and finance, industry perspectives and future trends.

Day 2: Intermodal cargo facilities, marine transportation systems, marine facilities as intermodal connectors, marine facility operations, equipment, regulatory requirements, safety, security and emergency response planning. Day 2 includes a case study related to port management.

Marine Port Executive (2.5 days-20 hours) $1,000 USD

(Prerequisite: Marine Port Manager Certification-program may be taken currently with MPM program).

Day 3: The management of port property, connectivity including port influences over waterways-roadways-railways, property maintenance and asset risk management. The management of cargo including transportation, protection, cost, pricing of services, port and terminal impacts, value added services, bills of lading, vessel chartering and liner services. Day 3 includes a case study related to facility utilization and management.

Day 4: Port and terminal business development, application of the O/D analysis, tariffs, terminal rules and regulations, operating plans, portbusiness development, and planning processes including strategic planning, master planning, logistics and cargo planning as well as the management of public relations, public information and media planning. Day 4 includes a business development case study.

Day 5: Practical application of port management and executive management systems including a situational analysis and group planning project.

Professional Certification

IAMPE professional certifications are approved by the Standards Committee of the Association as reviewed and endorsed by the Board of the Advisors of the IAMPE. MPM, MPE and AMPE are professional industry certifications and trademarks of the IAMPE. The MPE certification receives 4 academic graduate level credits at the Loeb-Sullivan School of international Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy. The program can also be accepted for continuing education and academic credit. The Association provides seminar content to institutions and professional organizations for their consideration by request. Information for credit consideration includes classroom hours, program structure, prerequisite requirements, evaluations and content.

Wishing all of you a great summer!

Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, MM, MTM, CMPE Director: Education, Standards and Training Programs International Association of Maritime and Port Executives 11 Katahdin Road. Portland, ME 04107-2828 USA Phone: (207) 741-7000, Cell: (207) 615-7989

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