August 22, 2017

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The IAMPE is pleased to announce the first class of Marine Terminal Operator Certifications.  This introductory course is designed for new employees of ports and terminals and covers the essential roles and responsibilities of marine facility personnel.  The first program was attended by several veterans who were all awarded scholarships by the Association, sponsored by several terminal groups. The Maine Port Authority hosted the program in Portland, Maine last week. Pictured above along with John Henshaw, Executive Director of the Maine Port Authority and Vice Chairman of the IAMPE Board, Capt. Jeff Monroe-Director of Education, Greg Oltmanns-Course Instructor and John Gleason-Registrar are Mike Stoddard, MTO; Frederick Kaiser, MTO; Grant Nichols, MTO; Debra Kingston, MTO; Shawn Gibson, MTO; Justin Harvey, MTO; Nate Lachance, MTO: Matt Burns, MTO; Elaine Collupy, MTO; and Jon Gudmundsson, MTO. 



October 11th and 12th - Portland, Maine
HDR Conference Room, 970 Baxter Blvd, Suite 301, Portland, ME 04103
Main Conference Room


Tuesday October 10th, 1700-1900- Welcome Reception hosted by the IAMPE
Wednesday October 11th
0830             Welcome and Industry Update                                              
1000             Break
1030             Regulatory Changes and Legal Issues                                 
1200             Lunch
1330             Tariffs-Structure and Content                                    
                     Terminal Rules and Regulations          
1430             Break
1445             Legal Frameworks related to Tariffs                          
Thursday October 12th
0830             Port and Terminal Fees and Tariff Pricing            
1000             Break
1030             Federal Funding Programs-Changes & Opportunities         
1200             Lunch 
1330             FTZ Requirements and Opportunities                                   
1500             Break
1530             Working with State DOT’s                                         
1700             Closing Remarks, Continuing Education Certificates           


The 2 Day Seminar is worth 16 Academic Credits toward the awarding of the Accredited Port Executive (AMPE) Professional Certification.
Conference Cost is $950 USD for both days.  Contact for registration form.


Day 1
Session 1 - The Transportation and Maritime Industry
Session 2 - The Port Industry
Session 3 - Vessels, Equipment and Terminology
Session 4 - Intermodal Marine and Cargo Facilities
Session 5 - Port and Marine Terminal Functionality
Day 2
Session 6 - Terminal and Yard Operations
Session 7 - Port and Terminal Administration and Governance
Session 8 - Regulatory Requirements, Safety and Security
Group Project - Terminal layout project
Session 9 - Latest Industry News
Seminar Leader, Gregory D. Oltmanns, AMPE
Professional Certification as Marine Terminal Operator (MTO)



NEW COURSE: IMDG and 49 CFR General Awareness Training 


The IAMPE is pleased to announce a new course program designed for specific training under 49 CFR. This training is designed to comply with the training requirements as set forth in IMDG and 49 CFR for initial and recurrent training. Function Specific and Safety Training will have elements in this class.  The class is designed to cover the IMDG elements in the one day class with references to the exceptions covered by 49 CFR for the one day class but has additional training in the packaging areas as well as 49 CFR usages in the 16 hour course as noted in the outline.  The 8 hour class may be deemed sufficient for the initial and recurrent requirements under IMDG and 49 CFR regulations. 16 Hour course is for comprehensive certification.
Day 1 (8 hour course)
0800-0900-IMDG Security Awareness, IMDG Security practices inclusive of common checklists, Usage and Construction of the IMDG Code
0900-1000-Construction and Identification of the Nine Classes of Dangerous Goods, IMDG Training Requirements, Marine Pollutants, Packing Groups
1000-1100- Dangerous Good List and Usage, Limited Quantities , Excepted Quantities, Special  Provisions, IMDG Index
1100-1200-Packing and Tank Provisions, UN Marking Guide, Packing Groups in Packaging, Day Review
1200-1300 -Lunch
1300-1430-Consignment/Documentation, Marking and Labeling of Packages, Marking and Labeling of Cargo Transport Units, Documentation Specifications  and  Requirements, Container Packing Certificates, Placarding and Marking of Cargo Transport Units, EMS Guide and Emergency Documentation requiremensts
1430-1530-Transport Provisions, Stowage for containers and packages, Segregation for containers and packages, Handling for containers and packages, Exceptions for transport in US for 49 CFR
1530-1600-Day in review
1600-1700-Comprehensive Exam , Exam Review
Day 2 (16 hours Course)
0800-0900-49 CFR Security Requirements, Usage of 49 CFR
0900-1000-Review of Nine Classes of Dangerous Goods, 49 CFR Training Requirements, Marine Pollutants, Packing Groups
1000-1100-49 CFR Hazmat Table and Usage, Limited Quantities, Excepted Quantities
ORM-D, Packing Groups, List of Marine Pollutants and RQ
1100-1200-Packing and Tank Requirements under 49 CFR, UN Marking, Packing Groups, Day in Review
1300-1430-Consignment and Documentation under 49 CFR, Marking and Labeling of Packages, Marking and Labeling of CTU including Placards, Documentation Preparation and Requirements (Exceptions from IMDG), Container Packing Certificates, Emergency Information Requirements
1430-1530-Transport Requirements under 49 CFR, Stowage over containers and packages, Segregation for containers and packages, Handling for Containers and Packaging, Requirements for Transport in the United States above IMDG
1530-1600-Day in Review
1600-1700-Comprehensive Exam, Exam Review
Seminar Leader, Robert Callahan, AMPE- Professional Certification Under 49 CFR


September   11-15       MPE/Inland                          Little Rock, AR

                                                                           Little Rock Port Authority

October      11-12       Continuing Education              Portland, Maine

                                                                           Hosted by HDR Engineering
November   13-17       MPE                                    Tampa, Florida

                                                                           Hosted by Port Tampa Bay


Applications and information are available from


Inland Port Manager (2 Days, 16 Hours)                                  $1,000 USD

Inland Marine Port Executive (2.5 Days-20 Hours)                      $1,000 USD

Marine Port Management (2 Days-16 hours)                             $1,000 USD

Marine Port Executive (2.5 days-20 hours)                                $1,000 USD

Continuing Education (2 days, 16 hours)                                  $   950 USD

Accredited Marine Port Executive                                   16 credit hours plus MPE/IMPE

                                                                                5 Year Term AMPE Credential


Why IAMPE Seminars are in demand by port professionals:

Lowest cost, highest quality program.

  1. Ongoing free support to seminar participants after the program 

  2. Recognized industry wide professional certification.

  3. Endorsed by the Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School at Maine Maritime Academy for academic credit.

  4. Inland program endorsed by the Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals Association.

  5. Continuing education credits for other professional certifications.

  6. Free membership to seminar participants in the IAMPE (first year)

  7. Standards set by the 24 member board of port and industry professionals who monitor and maintain professional standards for the seminars and organization.

  8. Only organization offering an accredited certification to industry professionals.

  9. Over 1,118 port executives, military officers, graduate students, and terminal managers certified from the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Asia.

  10. The only structured, one week maritime/port executive program in the Western Hemisphere that comes with recognized professional certification.

  11.  Updated continually to include the latest trends and information about the industry



Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, MM, MTM, AMPE
Director: Education, Standards and Training Programs
International Association of Maritime and Port Executives
11 Katahdin Road. Portland, ME 04107-2828 USA
Phone: (207) 741-7000, Cell: (207) 615-7989

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The IAMPE is working with the Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy and the Graduate Program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy  to improve professional development for the maritime and port industry. Eligible students can receive up to 4 graduate credits for completing the MPE/IMPE program towards either of the graduate programs.

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