March 6, 2019

From the desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe, MM, AMPE

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives

Registration closes for Jacksonville Monday March 11th.


2019 Schedule-Accredited Educational Programs





MPM/IMPM-      16 Hour Maritime Port Manager Program
MPE/IMPE-       36 Hour Maritime Port Executive Program
Continuing Education-16 Hour Program -Accredited Marine Port Executive Certification

MTO-    16 Hour Marine Terminal Operator-Custom Sponsored and Scheduled


 IAMPE may cancel or reschedule seminars if registrations are below minimum levels 

Seminar Locations and Dates Subject to Change - Participants will be notified well in advance. 


To register for seminars, or additional information contact:



The IAMPE is a not-for profit (non-commercial) industry association dedicated to professional development in the port and maritime industry. Over 2,000 public port professionals, terminal managers, USCG/ military, brokers, forwarders, financial and insurance professionals, consultants and other industry professionals have taken this seminars in the last 10 years.  Over 1/3 have been female professionals.  The accredited and recognized professional certification program is reviewed and approved by a 22 member Board of the Association who insure the highest standards are maintained.  The Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy grants 4 academic credits for completion of the executive management program.  The 36 hour management program can be taken in one week or in 2 segments. Management 2 days and later Executive Management 2.5 days. The program runs daily 0830 to 1730, except Friday when it is done by noon.




1. DOES THE INDUSTRY RECOGNIZE THIS PROGRAM? The Maritime Port Manager (MPM) and Maritime Port Executive (MPE), as well as the Inland equivalents (IMPM/IMPE), IMDG and Marine Terminal Operator (MTO) are professional designations and set personnel aside as having a recognized professional certification.  The programs have over 2,000 civilian and military alumni.


2. WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE A WEEK TO SPARE? For those with limited time or in small working groups, you can take the 36 hour program in 2 segments at different times.  Other programs average 2 days (MTO, IMDG 1-2 days, and Continuing Education).


3. WHAT WILL BE COVERED? The management and executive management seminars covers the full range of port, terminal and cargo management responsibilities combining practical experience, academic structure, case studies, consulting experience and the experience of the participants.  Topics include Systematic transportation approaches including logistics pathways, origin and destination routes and transportation modes, management perspectives including public port governance, terminal management, port/terminal administration and finance, industry perspectives and future trends, intermodal cargo facilities, marine transportation systems, marine facilities as intermodal connectors, marine facility operations, equipment, regulatory requirements, safety, security and emergency planning.  The MTO program is for new personnel just coming into the industry.


4. HOW UP-TO-DATE IS THIS PROGRAM? The program is updated constantly with new data, industry trends and experiences that keep it dynamic and relevant.  We present portions of the program to industry groups and government agencies on a regular basis.


5. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It is one of the least expensive professional programs in the industry. $1,100 for the 2 day management program segment, $1,100 for the executive management program segment ($2,200 for the full week). The MTO program is $600, Continuing Education $795, IMDG $300/$600.


6. WHAT OTHER BENEFITS COME WITH THE SEMINAR? Each participant gets a free Association Membership, free access to our extensive professional study database, regular industry notices through Port Notes and Flash Traffic, confidential resume and job search information in addition to the academic credits.  Also, free ongoing informational support regarding seminar content or support in decision making.


7. I AM A RESPECTED AND VALUED PORT PROFESSIONAL WITH LOTS OF EXPEREINCE, WHY WOULD I BE INTERESTED?  It makes no difference if you are new in the industry or have extensive experience, like no other seminar, this program will allow you to view the industry from a worldwide perspective that connects to ground level.  It gets you thinking outside of the boxes we live in regularly and lets us share experiences and case studies that often hit close to home.


8. WHAT HAPPENS IF I REGUSTER AND PAY AND MY SCHEDULE CHANGES AT THE LAST MINUTE? We offer a full refund or full credit toward a rescheduled program.


9. HOW DO I PAY? You can pay up front by credit card, PayPal or we will invoice you or your firm.


10. HOW MANY CAN PARTICIPATE? Maximum 20 to allow for interactive discussion.


11. HOW DO I REGISTER? If you wish to register and receive hotel and travel information, contact 

“For A World Connected By Water”



The IAMPE is a Not-For Profit Professional Development and Certification Association.


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