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Port of Morgan City Commissioners Seminar

The objective of the Commissioners' and Board Members' Seminar is to orient the member of a sitting policy making body to the current trends in the public and private port sector. The one-day program focuses on current trends in the industry as well as the duties and responsibilities of commissioners/board members and their staffs. 


The confidential forum allows the participant to openly discuss issues and ask questions regarding port activities. The seminar leader will offer a neutral view of what works in ports and what doesn’t, and how changes in the industry may affect port activities.

Commissioner's Seminars are offered by request. Please contact us at to learn more or to schedule a Commissioners Seminar for your port.

The Maritime Port Management ™, Maritime Port Executive ™, Inland Port Manager/Executive ™, Accredited Marine Port Executive ™ programs and all associated training, education and research materials are a Trademarked and are copyrighted  by the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives for specific use in the professional development of individual maritime and seaport managers and executives. The IAMPE reserves the right to license this and other associated programs to public and private organizations and associations by agreement.

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