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The Inland Maritime Port Manager and Executive (IMPM-IMPE) seminar is the premier professional development program for brown water port executives. The IMPM-IMPE program is the first of its kind program specifically designed around the needs and demands of river ports. The IMPE is based on the Maritime Port Management and Executive program which is tailored toward coastal ports. The IMPE program has been developed in conjunction with Inland Rivers, Ports, and Terminals (IRPT) and their Education Committee.

Topics covered in the program include an overview of the brown-water transportation industry, current industry trends, port governance, port finance, port operations, safety and security, and more – all how they specifically relate to the needs of brown-water ports.

The various backgrounds and experience levels of attendees provides additional value to the program. IMPE seminars are designed to maximize class participation; attendees will draw knowledge not only from the course material, but also from other attendees in the program. The program is designed to attract professionals with specialty knowledge in specific areas of port management, including operations, finance, security, etc., in both public and private ports.

Students who complete the program(s) earn the Inland Maritime Port Manager or Inland Maritime Port Executive certification. These certifications have been reviewed and approved by the Association’s advisory board, compromised of distinguished port professionals across North America.

Graduates also receive a complimentary one-year membership to the association. This membership grants access to the IAMPE’s electronic library, the IAMPE’s network of port professionals, and ongoing support from the association’s faculty regarding any of the topics covered during the course.

Those receiving the IMPE certification will also receive credit towards degree programs offered by our Academic Partners.

For more details on the advisory board, click here.

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The Maritime Port Management ™, Maritime Port Executive ™, Inland Port Manager/Executive ™, Accredited Marine Port Executive ™ programs and all associated training, education and research materials are a Trademarked and are copyrighted  by the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives for specific use in the professional development of individual maritime and seaport managers and executives. The IAMPE reserves the right to license this and other associated programs to public and private organizations and associations by agreement.

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