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 The Captain San Juan Dunbar Memorial Scholarship awards one scholarship each year to a US Armed Service member detaching from the armed forces or merchant mariner who is looking to start a career in the maritime port industry. The scholarship covers the tuition of a Maritime Port Manager (MPM), Inland Maritime Port Manager (IMPM), Marine Terminal Operator (MTO), or Inland Marine Terminal Operator (IMTO) program (up to a $1,300 value).

To apply, applicants must submit:

  • A one page outline of their goals and aspirations in the maritime port industry and why they believe the program may help them achieve those goals 

  • Honorable discharge paperwork OR a valid merchant mariner document or license

Applicants must also submit a resume showing either:

  •  One (1) year in any branch of the US Armed Services OR

  •  One (1) year holding a valid merchant mariner document or license.

Persons currently employed in the maritime port industry are not eligible for the scholarship.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


About Captain Dunbar:

Captain San Juan Dunbar was a decorated harbor pilot in the Port of Portland, Maine. In his tenure as a Portland Harbor Pilot from 1968 to 2006, he handled over 12,000 ships. All of his professional life Captain Dunbar was actively involved with the Propeller Club of Portland, Maine. He served as President and was Man of the Year in 2005. He went on to serve the Propeller Club internationally, and at the time of his death was International Propeller Club President. In 1986 Captain Dunbar was International Propeller Club Man of The Year. Captain Dunbar was a member and Past President of the Portland Marine Society and a trustee of the American Pilots Association. His long service has left a lasting legacy in the Port of Portland, Maine and across the maritime industry.

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