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The Accredited Maritime Port Executive (AMPE) certification is the highest level of professional certification offered. This advanced certification is designed to be the gold standard for professional education and certification in the international maritime and port industry and mirrors professional certifications issued in various other industrial disciplines.

Applicants for the AMPE must meet the standards set forth by the IAMPE, which include having the MPE/IMPE or comparable certification, having 16 hours of additional continuing education, and having industry experience. The AMPE standard can be viewed here. For those with MPE certifications, an additional 16 hours of continuing education credits are required and when awarded, the individual must complete 32 hours of continuing education credits in a five year period through the IAMPE or other partner association or in an equivalent program. Accreditations are granted by the Board of the IAMPE.

Continuing education credits towards attainment of the AMPE can be earned through IAMPE courses or courses of equivalent rigor and quality. For additional information, or to make application to receive an AMPE, please contact us at

The Maritime Port Management ™, Maritime Port Executive ™, Inland Port Manager/Executive ™, Accredited Maritime Port Executive ™ programs and all associated training, education and research materials are a Trademarked and are copyrighted  by the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives for specific use in the professional development of individual maritime and seaport managers and executives. The IAMPE reserves the right to license this and other associated programs to public and private organizations and associations by agreement.


Class of 2024

Joseph Cranston Jr.  Marine Manager STT/STJ, Virgin Islands Port Authority

Akeem Pickering Operations Manager, BVIPA

Sean Durrant Marine Manager, BVIPA

Edward Lee Director of Facilities & Services Management, Port of Greater Baton Rouge

LCDR Cameron Cooper Chief, Prevention Department, USCG Sector Key West

Patrick Bohan, Consultant, Bespoke Global Logistics & Strategies
LT Tiago Goncalves, Waterways Management Marine Industry Training, USCG

Class of 2023

Jurine Scatliffe-George  Business Development Manager, BVIPA

Hernán F. Ayala-Rubio Executive Vice President, Luis A. Ayala Colón Sucrs., Inc.
Dwayne Atwood
Port Manager, Seward, Alaska Railroad 
CDR Baxter B. Smoak
Chief, Prevention Department, USCG Sector Maryland - NCR

Mark Price Director of Marine Terminals, Port of Longview
LCDR Ashley Holm 
Chief, Waterways Management Division, USCG Sector Virginia

Jackie Q. Carter Port Director, Port of Milwaukee

LCDR Kate M. Newkirk  Chief, Waterways Management Division, USCG Sector Maryland - NCR

Capt. Jeffrey Flumignan Director, Office of Maritime & Intermodal Outreach, MARAD

Chris May Managing Director, Puerto Nuevo Terminals

Jeff Price Marketing Director, JAXPORT

Class of 2021

Raymond "Mac" Wade Executive Port Director, Port of Morgan City

Evan Matthews President, Matthews Maritime Advisors

John Reed Captain, USCG

Walker Smith Port Director, Port of Harlingen Authority

Matthew Bakis Captain, Masters, Mates & Pilots

Matthew Creswell Harbormaster, City & Borough of Juneau Docks & Harbors

Class of 2022

Brandy Christian President & CEO, Port of New Orleans

Edward McCarthy Chief Operating Officer, Georgia Ports Authority

Griffith V. Lynch President & CEO, Georgia Ports Authority

Captain Bill Diehl President, Greater Houston Port Bureau
Kyle Clark Lead Professional, T. Baker Smith, LLC
Anthony Attachi 

Mihalis Golias, PhD. Department of Civil Engineering, University of Memphis
Rich Diffley, Instructor, IAMPE

Eric Gilmore, Director of Business Development, IAMPE 
Blaine LaFontaine, COO/ Port Director, Hancock Co. Port & Harbor
Shane LaFontaine, Railroad Manager, Hancock Co. Port & Harbor

Class of 2020

Ronald Mills Executive Port Director, Willacy County Navigation District

LCDR Jim Brendel Supervisor, MSD, USCG

LCDR Steven Elliott Commanding Officer, MSU, USCG

Dale Murray Asst. Vice President, Operations, WATCO Companies
David Arnold, Executive Director, IAMPE

Class of 2019

Bill Stahlman Director of Engineering & Construction, Americas Central Port

Dennis Wilmsmeyer Executive Director, Americas Central Port

Class of 2017

Davinder Gill Senior Port Planner - Port of Long Beach
Aimee Andres - Executive Director - IRPT

Anthony Hauer Port Director - Natchez-Adams County Port

Cheryl Beckham Finance & Administration Manager - Port of Anchorage

Jim Jager External Affairs Director - Port of Anchorage

Ron Long Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director - City of Seward

Cynthia Lowe - HDR

Ron McPherson Coastal and Maritime Lead - HDR

Sharen Walsh Deputy Director - Port of Anchorage

Stuart Greydanus - Port of Anchorage

Bryan Hawkins Port Director - City of Homer

Norm Regis Harbormaster - City of Seward

M. Murph O'Brien Senior Transportation Professional - HDR Alaska Inc

Captain Kevin Kiefer D1 Chief of Staff - U.S. Coast Guard

Captain Michelle Ross Marine Services International

Gregory Oltmanns Improved Process Solutions

Whitney Anderson Operations - NH Port Authority
Grant Nichols Deputy Chief Harbor Master - NH Port Authority
Martha Klimas Project Manager/Director - Bridgeport Port Authority
Jim Hunt City Manager - City of Seward
James Gillway Town Manager - Town of Searsport
Bryan Jones Senior Project Manager - HDR

Randy Richardson Executive Director- Port of Memphis

Robert Maxwell Port Director- Port of Rosedale

Class of 2018

Blake Welborn Capt., USCG

Crystal Hutchinson Administrative Assistant, LIGTT

Jenessa Ables Port Operations Manager- Port of Valdez

Justin Ryan Freight & Seaport Coordinator- Florida DOT

Martin Parker Transportation Industry Analyst - US Dept. of Transport

Nancy Marino Director of Procurement- Port of Tampa Bay

Robert Morgan Professor- Texas Southern University

Shawn Brown Supervisor of Operations- Port of Tampa Bay

Susan Taylor Director, Port Business Development- St. Louis Port Authority

Thomas Garrett Capt. Maine Associates, LLC

Dale Hymel COO- Port of South Louisiana

Roy Quezaire Deputy Director- Port of South Louisiana

Class of 2016

Robert Callahan Vice President, Operations - Tampa Port Authority

Donna Wysong Vice President, Legal Affairs - Tampa Port Authority

Mark Dubina Director of Security Operations - Tampa Port Authority

John Rowan Head of Facility and Equipment M&R - Penn Terminals Inc.

Geno Marconi Port Director - New Hampshire Port Authority

Christopher Mills Operations Manager - CSX Transportation

Alaina Scheuchzer Asst. Professor of Management - Maine Maritime Academy

Bradley Wellock Manager, Maritime Regulatory Affairs - Massport

Stephen Ribuffo Deputy Port Director - Port of Anchorage

Tim Dressel Manager of IT - Prince Rupert Port Authority

Bethann Rooney Manager, Port Security - Port Authority of New York

Patrick Arnold CEO and President - Soli DG Inc.

John Henshaw Executive Director, Maine Port Authority

Jeffrey Monroe CEO and President - Marpro Associates International

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