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Our Marine Terminal Operator course is perfect for those new to the maritime and port industry. This two-day/16-hour program is targeted at port and terminal employees with less than two to three years of experience in the industry and whose work is related to port facilities. As the current generation of professionals grows older and approaches retirement, the new generation of port and terminal professionals must be equipped to deal with the complex responsibilities of managing and operating ports and terminals.

This program reinforces the basics of port and terminal operations and management, as well as explores each of the departments that comprise a terminal. The initial segments of the course are focused on big-picture logistic topics that are relevant to on the ground activities. During these segments, attendees will explore the fundamental concepts behind the global transportation industry, review the advantages and disadvantages of major modes of transportation, receive an update on the current state of the industry, become familiar with the common terms and vocabulary of the industry, and review the basic organizational and management structure of ports.

After the big-picture basics are covered, attendees will get an in-depth view of all the departments that make up a terminal. This part of the course details regulatory and compliance requirements, finance and administration needs, safety and security at the port, and concepts behind strategic planning and business development.

At the end of the second day, attendees will review practical applications of their new-found knowledge. Two case studies will be presented, and framed in the context of the material explored during the course.  Individual ports and terminals may add an additional time period to cover specific agency or company policies.

All participants in the program will receive a complimentary one-year membership to the association. This membership grants access to the IAMPE’s electronic library, the IAMPE’s network of port professionals, and ongoing support from the association’s faculty regarding any of the topics covered during the course.

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The Maritime Port Management ™, Maritime Port Executive ™, Inland Port Manager/Executive ™, Accredited Marine Port Executive ™ programs and all associated training, education and research materials are a Trademarked and are copyrighted  by the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives for specific use in the professional development of individual maritime and seaport managers and executives. The IAMPE reserves the right to license this and other associated programs to public and private organizations and associations by agreement.

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