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PORT NOTES May 13, 2019

From the Desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe, MM, AMPE

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives


The IAMPE - in cooperation with the University of Maine Law School, the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center, and the Maine Port Authority - is developing a 1- to 2-day program for port and terminal attorneys, municipal attorneys, and legal professionals working or interested in the port industry to cover a wide range of critical topics in this specialty area. The program is being developed to provide CLE credits. Our target is the end of the first week of October. We would be interested in hearing back on key topics critical to your legal staffs.


The Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) and the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) is holding a seminar for Maritime Port Executives at the new ABS Conference Center this week. Attendees include port professionals and USCG personnel from various ports in the United States including Massachusetts, New York, Alaska, and Canada. In addition, the Association and the Academy will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to work together on professional development for the maritime and port industry. Under MOU, MMA and the IAMPE will acknowledge and endorse each other’s programs, maintaining the highest professional standards of education and training. The IAMPE will provide a professional certification as Marine Port Manager (MPM) to MMA students for successfully completing the Maritime Business Management graduate program. In essence, MMA graduate students will earn both the Master of Science as well as the MPM certification. IAMPE members who independently complete the IAMPE certification can receive academic credit towards the graduate degree at MMA. This agreement follows the long standing and successful agreement with Maine Maritime Academy and the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics. In addition, the IAMPE has 22 Port, Agency, and Industry Association Educational Partnerships in the US and Canada. “Our mission is to equip experienced maritime professionals with useful skills and knowledge as well as to prepare the next generation of professionals who will be critical to our industry,” said David Arnold, MPE - Executive Director of the IAMPE. “We hope to continue to work closely with additional maritime schools and collegiate institutions in the near future. We also remain focused on training for our government agencies and veterans to meet future personnel needs.” The IAMPE completed a successful MPE program for the US Coast Guard in March and provided professional certifications to 21 USCG and NOAA personnel.

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