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To qualify for an AMPE, applicants must meet the AMPE standards, which include:

· MPE, IMPE, or equivalent certification,

· 16 hours of continuing education, and

·  Industry experience 

All AMPE certifications are subject to evaluation by the IAMPE Education Committee's approved standards.


To maintain an AMPE, 32 hours of continuing education must be attained within five years of the award of the AMPE certification or the latest AMPE re-certification, whichever is more recent. 

The following documents are required for submitting an application to become an Accredited Maritime Port Executive (AMPE):
  • Letter requesting to apply for the AMPE

  • Resume

  • Endorsement letter from a supervisor supporting your request (optional)

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Thank you for submitting your Application for the AMPE. Your application will be reviewed by the Director of Education and our Administrator will be in touch shortly!

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