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November 7, 2016

From the Desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe


Professional certifications were awarded to last week’s inland seminar participants in accordance with the rules for professional certification as established by the Board of the Association. Certifications as MPE were awarded to:

Ed Weilbacher, Kaskaskia Regional Port District, IL Branden Criman, U.S. Maritime Administration Mandi Brink, Southeast Missouri Port Authority, MO Dennis Wilmsmeyer, America's Central Port, IL Susan Taylor, St. Louis Port Authority, MO Ben McCall, America's Central Port, IL Paul Zimmerman, Port of New Orleans, LA Rich Diffley, Lange-Stegmann Company, MO Susan Livorsi, Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals Randy Carmichael, Upper Mississippi Fleeting, IA Fred Taylor, Oakley's Port 33, OK Cary Harbison, Southeast Missouri Port Authority, MO Pete Colangelo, Ozinga Materials, IL Lee DeLorge, Green Plains, Inc., NE Aimee Andres, Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals

In addition, Capt. Bill Kline of the River School was awarded the MPM Certification.

Paul “Chip” Janenichen, the MARAD Administrator addressed the seminar on the importance of inland ports to the nation’s transportation system. The program was hosted by Lange-Stegmann at their St. Louis facility in conjunction with the Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals Association, the key group who represents inland marine professionals and port and and terminal operators. Our deepest appreciation to Richard Stegmann, Chairman of Lange-Stegmann and Rich Diffley, Director of Operations who graciously hosted the program.


January 16-20 MPE Port Manatee, Florida

Hosted by Port manatee

February 20-24 MPE Charleston SC

Hosted by the Charleston Pilots

March 20-24 MPE Philadelphia, PA

Hosted by HDR

April 3-7 MPE/Inland Pittsburgh, PA

Hosted by HDR

April 25 Commissioners Kansas City, MO

Seminar Hosted by the IRPT May 1-5 MPE Houston, TX

Hosted by HDR

May 23-24 Continuing Education Anchorage, AK

Hosted By HDR

June 12-16 MPE Long Beach, CA

September 11-15 MPE/Inland Memphis, TN

October 11-12 Continuing Education Portland, Maine

Hosted by Maine Port Authority

November 13-17 MPE Tampa, Florida

Hosted by Port Tampa Bay

Applications and information are available from

Inland Marine Port Manager (2 Days, 16 Hours) $1,000 USD

Inland Marine Port Executive (2.5 Days-20 Hours) $1,000 USD

Maritime Port Management (2 Days-16 hours) $1,000 USD

Maritime Port Executive (2.5 days-20 hours) $1,000 USD

Continuing Education (2 days, 16 hours) $ 900 USD

Accredited Marine Port Executive 16 credit hours plus MPE/IMPE

5 Year Credential for AMPE.

Why IAMPE Seminars are in demand by port professionals:

  1. Lowest cost, highest quality program.

  2. Ongoing free support to seminar participants after the program

  3. Recognized industry wide professional certification.

  4. Recognized by the Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School at Maine Maritime Academy for academic credit.

  5. Continuing education credits for other professional certifications.

  6. Free membership to seminar participants in the IAMPE (first year) with full access to our electronic library.

  7. Standards set by the 22 member board of port and industry professionals who monitor and maintain professional standards for the seminars and organization.

  8. Only organization offering an accredited certification to industry professionals.

  9. Over 1,000 port executives, military officers, and terminal managers certified from the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Asia.

  10. The only structured, one week maritime/port executive program in the Western Hemisphere that comes with recognized professional certification.

Note on Various Port Management Programs

Many of you have taken port programs with me in undergraduate, post-graduate, graduate and continuing education programs. I had for a number of years also provided seminars through a commercial entity. All of my seminars and training are now exclusively offered through the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives. My association with commercial programs ended last April. The intellectual property related to our offered port management and executive management programs belongs to the IAMPE, a credible not for profit industry association.

Our management program is recognized by the Loeb-Sullivan Graduate School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy. The IAMPE or I have no ties or association any commercial firm. The IAMPE is a well regarded industry professional, membership driven, not-for-profit organization that continues to work with industry professionals to enhance their personal development.

The IAMPE was formed to provide professional standards and certification to the industry. It has a Board of 22 industry professionals who oversee its programs and certifications. Many firms offer training and often there is confusion about what they offer and program recognition. The IAMPE is working to set a standard in the industry along with appropriate and recognized certifications to enhance the quality of port management in a very competitive industry. We also work closely with professional trade associations such as the Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminal Association to provide professional development to their members. HDR (a professional consulting firm) is a frequent host and is also a founding corporate sponsor of the IAMPE.

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, MM, MTM, AMPE Director: Education, Standards and Training Programs International Association of Maritime and Port Executives 11 Katahdin Road. Portland, ME 04107-2828 USA Phone: (207) 741-7000, Cell: (207) 615-7989

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