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April 16, 2018

From the desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe, MM, AMPE

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives

Notice of Solicitation of Nominations for Membership for the U.S. Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee

April 12, 2018: Federal Register

Pursuant to authority delegated by the Secretary of Transportation (Secretary) to the Maritime Administrator (Administrator), the Maritime Administration (MARAD) requests nominations for membership on the U.S. Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee (Committee or MTSNAC).

Nominations for immediate consideration for appointment must be received on or before 5:00 p.m. ET on May 29, 2018. After that date, MARAD will continue to accept applications under this notice for a period of up to 2 years from the deadline to fill any vacancies that may arise. The Agency encourages nominations submitted any time before the deadline.

Interested candidates may submit a completed application by one of the following methods:

• Email:, subject line: MTSNAC Application.

• Mail: MARAD-MTSNAC Designated Federal Officer, Room W21-310, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20590, please include name, mailing address and telephone number

Members will be selected with a view toward a varied perspective of the marine transportation industry, including

(1) active mariners;

(2) vessel operators;

(3) ports and terminal operators;

(4) shippers or beneficiary cargo owners;

(5) shipbuilders;

(6) relevant policy areas such as innovative financing, economic competitiveness, performance monitoring, safety, labor, and environment;

(7) freight customers and providers; and

(8) government bodies.

For more information, please view the full notice here: mailing list&


The Board of Directors of the IAMPE welcomes Jaye Gorham to the Association’s Board of Directors. Jaye is a businesswoman in Maine and has had extensive experience in the real estate industry as well as several business and community activities. She has connections to the waterfront and joins other members recently welcomed who include Mr. Ben Ford, a corporate attorney and Mr. Peter Thomas, former Undersecretary of Agriculture under President Reagan and former Director of the GSA in New England. Association boards can be viewed at

PORT JOBS If you have a position to post or are looking, let us know. Service is free to all members and resumes are kept confidential.

LOOKING-Contact for further information/data.

L1001-Experienced maritime professional, vessel manager, licensed Master Mariner, insurance and risk assessment experience. Located in New England. U.S. citizen.

L1002-Port planner, experienced in government processes, Maritime Port Executive. Located in Southeast. U.S. citizen. Location flexibility.

L1003-Port Management Professional, experienced in port development and management. Location: US Gulf Coast. MPE Certified.


The Continuing Education program for 2018 which will be held in Portland (OR), Port Tampa Bay and the Port of South Louisiana (see schedule below), will feature a tariff a practical workshop including tariff development and revision requirements, rates and charges, fee development, terminal issued rules and regulations, foreign trade zones, an industry update and pending new federal regulations and judicial impacts. The 2 day program offers 16 continuing education credits for the Accredited Marine Port Executive (AMPE) certification. Cost for the 2 days is $975.00 USD.

MPE New York and Connecticut

The MPM-MPE program this May will be held at the New York Shipping Association Training Center located at 1210 Corbin St., Elizabeth, NJ 07114 May 14-18. Deadline for NY/NJ Registration is Wednesday May 9th. For hotel and seminar schedule information contact

Questions about content or the Education Program and Standards?

Call Capt. Jeff Monroe, (207)741-7000 or email at

CAN’T DO THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN ONE SHOT? You can take the management program in two phases, MPM/IMPM first two days, MPE/IMPE second two days.

Certifications come with each section, Academic Credits are awarded after completing the Executive Management Program. We recommend doing the 36 hour program before taking Continuing Education because that 16 hour program builds on the content of the Executive Management Program


April 24 - 26 IRPT Annual Conference Cincinnati, OH

May 14 - 18: New York-New Jersey (MPE) Host PANYNJ

June 6 - 7: Portland, OR (Continuing Education) Host HDR

June 18 - 22: Milwaukee, WI (IMPE) Host MPA-IRPT

Sept 10 - 14: Connecticut (MPE) Host CTPA

Sept 24 - 28: Tulsa (IMPE) Host Port Tulsa

Oct 15 - 16: Tampa (Continuing Education) Host Port Tampa Bay

Oct 17 - 18: Louisiana (Continuing Education) Host POSLA

Nov 5 - 9: Vicksburg (IMPE) Host Vicksburg, MS

Hosts: PANYNJ-Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, MPA-Milwaukee Port Authority, IRPT-Inland Ports and Terminals Association, Port Tulsa-Tulsa Port Authority, CTPA-Connecticut Port Authority, PortTampaBay-Tampa Florida Port Authority, POSLA-Port of South Louisiana, Port Vicksburg-Vicksburg Mississippi Port Authority. MPM-16 Hour Marine Port Manager Program MPE-36 Hour Marine Port Executive Program IMPE-36 Hour Inland Marine Port Executive Program Continuing Education-16 Hour Program -Accredited Marine Port Executive Certification

MTO - 16 Hour Marine Terminal Operator - Custom Sponsored and Scheduled

IAMPE may cancel or reschedule seminars if registrations are below minimum levels

For additional information: Capt. Michelle Ross

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