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September 17, 2018

From the desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe, MM, AMPE

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives


WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS FOR THE INLAND PROGRAM IN CATOOSA (Tulsa area), September 24 – 28, and hosted by Oakley’s Port 33.

The Inland Maritime Port Executive Seminar is an officially recognized IRPT Education Program. IRPT members receive a 10% discount on the cost of the seminar. The 36 hour full program can be taken in 2 segments. The management section is 16 hours (days 1 and 2) and the executive section an additional 20 hours (days 3, 4 and 5).

The program covers a wide range of topics regarding port and terminal management specifically related to inland river ports. We will cover the transportation system and how inland ports fit into domestic and international logistics, port and terminal management including staff functions, administration of ports and terminals, operations, equipment, terminal layouts and types, safety/security/regulatory requirements, waterways, property management, business development, tariffs, cargo management and pricing, media and public relations and planning processes including strategic and master planning. There are 3 actual case studies included and a class project. While the program has a structured content, it includes a great deal of information from practical experience and numerous consulting projects.

As a seminar, the shared experiences of the participants also adds to the content. We have over 2,000 alumni who have participated in these management programs. You receive a recognized industry professional certification when the program is complete and academic credit from the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy. You also receive a free membership in the IAMPE with all membership privileges.

We hope you can join us. Registration closes Wednesday, September 19th.Contact to register or Call Capt. Monroe at 207-741-7000 if you have questions.


PHOTO (above): Richard Hendrick, MPE-General Manager, Albany Port District; Brenda Therrien, MPE-Administrator, Port of Portsmouth, NH; John Formosa, MPE-Senior Advisor, Federal Highway Administration, NY; Capt. Stephen Gorniak-MM, MPE, Senior Auditor, London Offshore Consultants; Capt. Adam Parsons-MM, MPE, Port Marine Manager, Port of Halifax, NS; Bruce Marshall-MPE, Harbor Director, Port of Olympia, WA; Capt. Caleb Rallis- MM, MPE, Vetting Coordinator, Phillips 66; Capt. Blake Welborn-MPE, US Coast Guard, Captain of the Port, Houma, LA; Sponsor Evan Mathews-AMPE, Executive Director, Connecticut Port Authority; Capt. Jeffrey Monroe-MM, AMPE, Seminar Leader, International Association of Maritime and Port Executives; Sponsor Gerri Lewis, Administrator, Connecticut Port Authority; Sponsor Joseph Salvatore-MPE, Program Manager, Connecticut Port Authority; Not Pictured: Mike Logar-MPM, Marine and Port Engineer, HDR and Valerie Kazarian-MPM, Education Program Administrator, International Association of Maritime and Port Executives.


The Continuing Education program for 2018 will be held in Port Tampa Bay (Blue Water) and the Port of South Louisiana (Brown Water). The program will feature a tariff development workshop, which will be a practical workshop including tariff development and revision requirements, rates and charges, fee development, terminal issued rules and regulations, foreign trade zones, an industry update and pending new federal regulations and judicial impacts. Each 2 day program offers 16 continuing education credits for the Accredited Marine Port Executive (AMPE) certification. Cost for the 2 days is $975.00 USD.

Questions about content or the Education Program and Standards?

Call Capt. Jeff Monroe, (207)741-7000 or email at

CAN’T DO THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IN ONE SHOT? You can take the management program in two phases, MPM/IMPM first two days, MPE/IMPE second two days.

Certifications come with each section, Academic Credits are awarded after completing the Executive Management Program. We recommend doing the 36 hour program before taking Continuing Education because that 16 hour program builds on the content of the Executive Management Program

If you already have taken a program with us and know someone in your organization or an associate who would benefit from any of these seminars, please send this to them.


Sept 24-28: Catoosa / Tulsa, OK (IMPE) Oakley’s Port 33-IRPT

Oct 15 - 16: Tampa (Continuing Education) Host Port Tampa Bay

Oct 17 - 18: Louisiana (Continuing Education) Host POSLA

Nov 5 - 9: Vicksburg (IMPE) Host Vicksburg, MS-IRPT

Hosts: CTPA-Connecticut Port Authority, PortTampaBay-Tampa Florida Port Authority, POSLA-Port of South Louisiana, Port Vicksburg-Vicksburg Mississippi Port Authority. MPM/IMPM- 16 Hour Maritime Port Manager ProgramMPE/IMPE- 36 Hour Maritime Port Executive Program Continuing Education-16 Hour Program -Accredited Marine Port Executive Certification

MTO - 16 Hour Marine Terminal Operator - Custom Sponsored and Scheduled

IAMPE may cancel or reschedule seminars if registrations are below minimum levels

To register for seminars, or additional information contact:

To register for the classes, please email For additional information:

“For A World Connected By Water”


Capt. Jeffrey W. Monroe, MM, MTM, AMPE Director: Education, Standards and Training Programs International Association of Maritime and Port Executives 11 Katahdin Road. Portland, ME 04107-2828 USA Phone: (207) 741-7000, Cell: (207) 615-7989

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