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February 18, 2019

From the desk of Capt. Jeff Monroe, MM, AMPE

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives


Not a pun, consumable non-fermented alcohol products, distilled spirits, showed another year of record U.S. sales and volumes in 2018. The increase of sales has continued growth for nine consecutive years. American whiskey exports were impacted by tariffs but domestic consumption remained strong according to the Distilled Spirits Council. The Council reported U.S. supplier sales of spirits rose 5.1 percent to $27.5 billion in 2018.

Spirits such as whiskey, tequila, cognac and vodka have gained market share while American beer consumption is reported to be falling.

According to the report, the strongest growth was seen in higher priced spirits that sell for more than $20 per bottle. There remains strong demand for premium American whiskey, which sells for upwards of $35 a bottle. (


Statistics Canada has announced that it will begin publishing trade data, particularly merchandise trade reports, beginning in March. The agency is working with the U.S. Census Bureau on a joint release on March 6 for December trade data pending no further US Government shutdowns. The trade figures for January that were due March 7 will be delayed, and reports for other months will likely be affected according to the agency. The resumed flow of US export data will allow Statistics Canada to publish figures on fourth-quarter gross domestic product as scheduled on March 1. Some figures may be revised as necessary as data is received from US agencies. (


U.S. solar jobs fell for a second straight year as companies due to delays based on anticipated tariffs on equipment. The industry lost approximately 8,000 jobs in 2018, a 3.2% decrease, mostly in large scale projects, according to a report from The Solar Foundation. The industry, which more than doubled its workforce since 2010, now employs about 242,000 people. The Solar Foundation projects employment growth will resume in 2019, with the number of jobs increasing by 7 percent. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, meanwhile, forecasts that solar-panel installer will be the fastest-growing occupation through 2026. (


2019 Schedule-Accredited Educational Programs

Seminar Locations and Dates Subject to Change - Participants will be notified well in advance. Rates are modestly going up in 2019 (MPM $100, MPE $100=Total $200 increase). If you register for a program by December 31, the old rates will apply.

To register for seminars, or additional information contact:

MPM/IMPM- 16 Hour Maritime Port Manager Program MPE/IMPE- 36 Hour Maritime Port Executive Program Continuing Education-16 Hour Program -Accredited Marine Port Executive Certification

MTO- 16 Hour Marine Terminal Operator-Custom Sponsored and Scheduled

IAMPE may cancel or reschedule seminars if registrations are below minimum levels

“For A World Connected By Water”


The IAMPE is a Not-For Profit Professional Development and Certification Association.

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