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The IAMPE is pleased to congratulate its latest graduates of the Maritime Port Executive Management Program. The program was held at the marine terminals of the Virginia Port Authority. Each participant was awarded the Maritime Port Executive (MPE) professional certification. In addition, graduates were awarded graduate level credits by the IAMPE’s Academic partners which includes Maine and Massachusetts Maritime Academies, State University of New York Maritime College, Texas Southern University and the Australian Maritime College.

Professional Maritime Port Executive (MPE) certifications were awarded to Cody Jennings-MPE, Port Director, Port of Skagway AK; Ian Sulzer-MPE, U.S. Merchant Marine; Patrick Kinsman-MPE, Vice President, Offshore Wind Development, Port of Virginia; Logan Sorensen-MPE, Assistant Director of Operations, Virginia International Terminal; Dennis Grew-MPE, Rail Operations Manager, Virginia International Terminal; Tyler Blevins-MPE, Manager of Operations, Virginia International Terminal; Donna Circelli-MPE, Organizational Development Specialist, Port of Virginia; and Capt. Arthur H. Sulzer, EeD-MPE, President, Sulzer Marine Services, Ports of the Delaware River and Bay.

The Virginia Port Authority (Port of Virginia) also received a formal designation as an Education Partner of the IAMPE, joining 26 other Port Education Partners and 6 Industry Association Partners including the American Association of Port Authorities, Inland Rivers Ports and Terminals Association, Houston Port Bureau, Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators, Maritime Exchange of the Delaware Bay and River, South Carolina Maritime Association and the North Atlantic Ports Association.

The IAMPE is a not-for-profit industry association that provides professional development for coastal and inland port and terminal managers and executives. Programs are reviewed and approved for certification by the Association’s Board of Advisors, comprised of over 22 industry and education professionals. The Association offers professional and accredited programs in Coastal and Inland Port and Terminal Management and Executive Management, as well as certification programs for Marine Terminal Operator and IMDG/Hazardous Awareness. The Association has over 2,500 alumni worldwide.


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