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The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) is pleased to congratulate its latest graduates of the Maritime Port Executive Management Program. The program was hosted by the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah, GA. Participants earned either the Maritime Port Executive (MPE) or Maritime Port Manager (MPM) certification. In addition, MPE graduates were awarded graduate level credits by the IAMPE’s U.S. Academic partners which includes Maine Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, State University of New York Maritime College, Texas Southern University, and The University of Memphis.

Maritime Port Executive (MPE) certifications were awarded to Joanne Caldwell, MPE - Director, Risk Management & Sustainability, GPA; Tanya Chisholm, MPE - General Manager of Workforce Development & Training, GPA; Duke Acors, MPE - Director, Strategic Operations & Safety, GPA; Stacy Watson, MPE - Director, Economic & Industrial Development, GPA; Tiffoni Buckle McCartney, MPE - Manager of Corporate Sustainability, GPA; Angel McHenry, MPE - Administrative Manager of Operations, GPA; James Morgan, MPE - Container Yard Manager, GPA; Chad Dingus, MPE - Container Yard Manager, GPA; Robert Cullum, MPE - Manager of Operations, GPA; and Lee Beckmann, MPE - Manager of Governmental Affairs, GPA. Maritime Port Manager (MPM) certification was awarded to Tanner Fudge, MPE - Container Yard Manager, GPA.

The Georgia Ports Authority is an Education Partners of the IAMPE, along with 21 other Port Education Partners and 7 Industry Association Partners. Industry Association Partners include the American Association of Port Authorities; Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals, Inc.; Houston Port Bureau; Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators; Maritime Exchange of the Delaware Bay and River; South Carolina Maritime Association; and the North Atlantic Ports Association.

The IAMPE is a non-profit industry association that provides professional development for coastal and inland port and terminal managers and executives. Programs are reviewed and approved for certification by the IAMPE’s Board of Advisors, comprised of 20 industry professionals. Academic partners include the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy, the Graduate Program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Texas Southern University, the State University of New York Maritime College, The University of Memphis, and the Australian Maritime College at the University of Tasmania. The Association offers professional and accredited programs in Coastal and Inland Port Management and Executive Management, as well as certification programs for Marine Terminal Operator and IMDG/Hazardous Awareness. The Association has over 2,500 alumni worldwide.

IAMPE Education partners include the Connecticut Port Authority, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Georgia Ports Authority, Port of Alaska, Oakley Ports, Lange-Stegman, Maine Port Authority, Little Rock Port Authority, Port Milwaukee, Vicksburg Port Authority, Port of South Louisiana, Port of Morgan City (LA), America’s Central Port, the United States Coast Guard, the US Environmental Protection Agency, Port Tampa Bay, Jacksonville Port Authority, HDR Engineering, South Carolina State Port Authority, the Transportation General Authority of Saudi Arabia, the Maritime Association of South Carolina, Maher Terminals, The Port of Virginia, the World Trade Center New Orleans, Ports Association of Louisiana (PAL), Kean Miller, and the University of Maine School of Law.


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