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The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) is pleased to announce its latest class of Maritime Port Managers (MPM), who completed their certifications in Jersey City, NJ, USA, 23-25 April 2024. Teaching the program was Captain Jeffrey Monroe, MM, AMPE, CME. The course was hosted by Port Liberty Terminals and in partnership with The Maritime Association of the Port of New York and New Jersey (MAPONY)/NJ). Port Liberty Terminals received an IAMPE Education Partner certificate, which was accepted by Aaron Allen, Head of Learning and Development for Port Liberty Terminals. MAPONY/NJ was awarded an Association partner certificate which was accepted by Stephen Lyman, Executive Director, MAPONY/NJ.


Earning the Maritime Port Manager (MPM) was Sabyasachi Chatterjee, MPM – Operations Manager, Port Jersey, Port Authority NY/NJ; Alvin Chen, MPM – Project Manager, Port Authority NY/NJ; Fatmir Hoxha, MPM – Sr. Project Manager, Port Authority NY/NJ; Phillip Sawires, MPM – Sr. Marine Terminal Engineer, Port Authority NY/NJ; Tim Krehel, MPM – GIS Manager, Port Authority NY/NJ; Twinkle Chugh, MPM – Facility Maintenance Specialist, Port Authority NY/NJ; Stephanie Dominguez, MPM – Assistant Director, Commercial Development, Port Authority NY/NJ; Candáce Gregory, MPM – GIS Specialist, Port Authority NY/NJ; Sarah DeGeorge, MPM – Property Representative, Port Authority NY/NJ; Julie Chen, MPM – Supervising Financial Analyst, Port Authority NY/NJ; Juan Sarmiento, MPM – Principal Financial Analyst, Port Authority NY/NJ; Richard Coppola, MPM – VP, East Coast Warehouse & Distribution Corp.; Matthew O’Sullivan, MPM – Manager Operations / Interim TM, Foss Offshore Wind; Bryan Campbell, MPM - Yard Manager, Port Liberty Terminals; Philip Doherty, MPM - MRC Manager, Port Liberty Terminals; Glen Kipila, MPM – Director, Marine Operations, Maher Terminals; Kevin Damelio, MPM – Sr. Manager, Container Yard Operations, Maher Terminals; Sean Ptaszynski, MPM – Asst. Manager, Rail Operations, Maher Terminals; and Sarah Lisa Kissoondath, MPM – Pier Agent, SMS International Shores.


The IAMPE is proud to have 30 Education Partners including the Connecticut Port Authority; Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; Georgia Ports Authority; Port of Alaska; Bruce Oakley, Inc.; Maine Port Authority; Little Rock Port Authority ; Port Milwaukee; Port of South Louisiana; Port of Morgan City (LA); America’s Central Port; the United States Coast Guard; the US Environmental Protection Agency; Port Tampa Bay; Jacksonville Port Authority; South Carolina Ports Authority; Maher Terminals; The Port of Virginia; The Mississippi State Port Authority; New Hampshire Port Authority; the World Trade Center New Orleans; Ports Association of Louisiana (PAL); Kean Miller; Parker Towing, Port of Decatur; A. Ayala Colón Sucrs Inc.; the Ponce Port Authority; Halifax Port Authority; The Port of New Orleans; Port Liberty Terminals; and the British Virgin Islands Port Authority.


The IAMPE is a non-profit industry association that provides professional development and certification for professionals at every level of their careers working in and around the maritime port industry. Programs are reviewed and approved for certification by the IAMPE’s Board of Advisors, comprised of 19 industry professionals. The Association offers professional and accredited programs in Coastal and Inland Port Management and Executive Management, as well as certification programs for Marine Terminal Operator and IMDG/Hazardous Awareness.


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