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IAMPE Hosts First - Ever Training in Saudi Arabia

International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) has completed a first ever training program for Port Managers in Saudi Arabia. The four day program included 27 port and government managers from the Kingdom and was presented to the Transportation General Authority of Saudi Arabia and various port professionals in other agencies via teleconference. HDR was the program host and arranged for the scheduling and presentation of the course program. The IAMPE is a not-for-profit Industry Association whose goals and objectives are professional development and professional certification. The IAMPE is managed by a Board of 22 port, industry and education members who review and authorize certification of their programs. The IAMPE has over 2,500 trained and certified professionals including port executives, senior military officers, the US Coast Guard and the EPA. The IAMPE offers Marine Terminal Operator, Maritime Port Management, Maritime Port Executive Management (Coastal and Inland), IMDG/HAZCOM and continuing education including workshops in numerous professional areas. Programs are used for attorney CLE credits, PE courses and CPA program certification renewals. HDR University provides 36 hours of professional development credits through the program. The management and executive management programs are exclusively taught by Captain Jeffrey Monroe, Master Mariner and Accredited Maritime Port Executive. Capt. Monroe is the Director of Education for the Association and is a senior maritime, port and navigation senior consultant in HDR's Northeast Market sector. He is a nationally recognized expert in port management and was an advisor to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Commandant of the US Coast Guard and in addition to command of vessels, was Director of Ports and Transportation for Portland, Maine and Deputy Port Director for the Massachusetts Port Authority. HDR has been an Education Partner for six years. Each of the participants will receive their professional certifications through the IAMPE as Maritime Port Managers (MPM). The course was conducted from January 11th through the 14th. The IAMPE is pleased to congratulate the following who have received their MPM professional certifications. The TGA also received recognition as the IAMPE's newest Education Partner. Abdullah Alotaibi, MPM-Alahsa Municipality; Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Alabduljabbar, MPM-TGA; Abdulrahman Alhokail, MPM-TGA; Ahmad Al-Akhras, MPM-TGA; Ahmad Alshamrani, MPM-TGA; Ali Abdulhadi Abdullah Alramadhan, MPM-TGA; Amal bin Malik, MPM-TGA; Anas Abdulaziz Al-Rayes, MPM-TGA; Faisal Ahmed Aleter, MPM-MAWANI Port Authority; Hashim Mohammed Sabyah, MPM-TGA; Al Zahrani, Hatim Mohammed Ali, MPM-TGA; Khalid Rakan Aldosari, MPM- General Directorate of Border Guard; Meshari Dakhel Alanazi, MPM-TGA; Mohammed Meshal Almutairi, MPM-TGA; Mohammed Abdullah Alsamman, MPM-TGA; Moraia Sand Almotairi, MPM-Ministry of Transport; Nawaf Khalid Abdulaziz Alhelali, MPM-Ministry of Transport; Omar Abdulhamid M Alsuqair, MPM-TGA Omar Yassin Mohammed Alkosife, MPM-Ministry of Transport; Osama Mohammed Almehmadi, MPM-TGA; Saleh Zaben Almutairi, MPM-TGA; Sameer Tabbakh, MPM- MJC; Sultan Albakhiet, MPM-TGA; Alghamdi, Sultan Ahmed, MPM-TGA; Talal Nabeel Almaghlouth, MPM-Sharqia Development Authority; Yazen Abdulwdoud Jumaah, MPM-TGA; Samer Al-Rachedy, MPM-HDR.


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